Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

.Once again.

    .DOMO SCHA !!

.awww. .i've got you once again. .i thought you have forgotten me. .the past is the past right. .^^. .i hope you wont LEAVE me again. .i Love You Scha Calzini II. .<3

Ahad, 17 Julai 2011

.cocky man.

.today i've got a letter. .guess what ?? .my name is on the list of one of the greatest student in the school. .haha. .i've never got this kind of letter in my life before. .i guess this is my luckiest day of my life. .people always call me dumb. .but now i call them dumb back. .u all dumb ass~ .haha.

Sabtu, 25 Jun 2011

Liyana Hanee.Nie Kakak angkat dany yang paling dany sayang.
ILYSM sys. .^^.